Friday, November 24, 2017

Facebook Groups To Help You Master The Anchor App & Connect With The Community

Here are links to three Facebook Groups that can help you master the Anchor App! These are all member-driven closed groups where you can learn, meet new friends, ask questions and even post and promote your own content.  Just ask to join any of the groups and you will be welcomed in.

Anchor Boot Camps - The companion Facebook Group to this website and blog.  Share any questions or ideas you have about the Anchor app.  Blog posts from this site will be published in this group.

AnchorsAwave - The original Anchor Tech Facebook Group by Avie Uniglicht.  This group is great for general Anchor discussions and tips moderated by Avie (@AskAvie) and for advanced techies and geeks!

Anchor Voices - Where you can post, publish & promote your Anchor content.  Your content will be considered for the upcoming Anchor Voices book project - moderated by Dr. Dan Davidson @AnchorTalk

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