Thursday, November 30, 2017

Beginner's Q&A with Friends Saturday - KT and Chris Lee

Each Saturday at 3PM EST, Kevin Touch and I host a Record with Friends for brand new members of Anchor. We discuss their experiences during the first few days of being on Anchor and through their eyes, we can share with others who may be feeling and dealing with the same. We field questions and answer them on the spot. This call was special, as it recapped the results of the first Contest ever held on Anchor. Kevin was the winner of the contest and at the time, we didn't even know the final results, yet he had been on the top of the leader board all week long. We were able to review the steps he took to get to the top and you may be surprised at what you learn. Sit back and enjoy this call from Saturday, 11/25/17.

Embedding an Episode

How do you Embed an Anchor episode in a blog such as this one? In this episode, you'll learn the step by step to get it done.

Archive, Delete and Trim

In this episode, we dive into the impact of deleting a segment and how that affects your "permanent" archive. We discuss some options for saving your segments outside of Anchor, using an archive strategy, and some options to consider when posting a segment.

Shoutouts Perfected

In this Episode, learn who actually hears a Shoutout and why you might wish to rethink your Anchor Shoutout strategy. This approach might just be the perfect combination. Note: Only the subject of the shoutout AND THEIR FOLLOWERS hear a shoutout. If your followers DON'T follow the person you shoutout, they don't even SEE the shoutout on your station. If your goal is to provide kudos to someone so that they can get noticed by ALL OF YOUR LISTENERS, the shoutout currently isn't the best way to do it. Listen up as I offer an alternate option that EVERYONE that visits your station can hear.

Tips for Growing Your Anchor Show

In this episode, you'll learn tips to help you grow your Anchor station and get more listeners for your show.

I take some Callins about how people found the Anchor App, which leads to the conversation about how to improve your content and attract your target audience. You'll hear how Anchor can be a testing ground for your content ideas.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Make A Request Feature On Anchor - A Great Way To Encourage!

Here is a short overview on how to use the "Make A Request" feature in the Anchor audio app.

When you record an audio clip in the app it stays live in your station for 24 hours.  When you visit a station and there has not been any new audio clips recorded or submitted in the last 24 hours then the station includes a small icon that says "Station Is Off Air."

You will also see a "Make A Request" button option in the middle of the display. Click on it to create a notification to the member that you are requesting new content.  You have the option of leaving a comment or not.  It's nice to leave a comment such as "I look forward to hearing more of your Anchor voice!"

After you hit "Done" the request is delivered.  The next time a member goes into the app your request will be included in the notifications screen and actually as a message when they first open the app.  It's a great way to stay connected and encourage other members.

Below is a short audio overview saved as a podcast episode.  It includes a Call In from Dustin who I sent a request to.  I noticed he was a new member who hadn't created an audio post yet and I wanted to connect. I also added in my comment "Please call in to me when you publish."    I did a brief Call-in to him welcoming him to Anchor.  I also used the My "Make A Request" feature which was actually the nudge that Dustin needed to record and publish his first Anchor clip.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions with a comment to this post or with a Call in to my Anchor station - Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan Davidson (

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Shout Out Overview On Anchor

Here is a brief overview on how to do a Shout Out in the Anchor app and your station.

You can only start a Shout Out from the active listeners of an individual audio segment in your station.  Click "View Listeners" on the bottom left hand corner.  You will see a list of listeners for that segment - Next click on "Shout Out" to the right to create a Shout Out for that Anchor member. The members profile will appear when the segment is play making it easy for other listeners to connect and possibly favorite their station.

Shout Outs are a great way to feature and highlight a listener and share some kudos.  Keep in mind that only members who have favorited your station will be able to hear a Shout Out.  Usually the member you gave the Shout Out to will most likely share or "echo" the segment to their own station extending the life and overall reach of that audio clip. Shout Outs remain your content and can be saved in your own episodes and podcasts.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions with a comment to this post or with a Call in to my Anchor station - Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan Davidson (

Monday, November 27, 2017

Creating and Publishing your first Anchor Podcast

The following is a Facebook Live audio presented to the AnchorsAwave FB Group on September 5, 2017. It was in repsonse to a member's question about how to create his first Podcast on Anchor. This is the Step-by-Step. Join the FB group to access the accompanying PDF document that offers up screen shots and detailed written instructions. I'm happy to assist you if you have any follow-up questions or concerns.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Station ID, Podcast Names, Etc.

Searching for an Anchor station's Podcast Name? It may be different than the name of the Anchor Station. So how do you figure it out? The following tECH tALK tIP provides the answer:

The Echo Button

You may have heard the term "Echo" used in passing in Anchor and wondered what people are talking about. You may also have searched for the "Echo" option on the Anchor App and have had challenges finding it. Well search no more! The following tECH tALK tIP will clear it all up for you.

Grab Anyone's Anchor RSS Feed

Sometimes you may find it helpful to listen to Anchor Podcasts off-line. You may even wish to subscribe to another Anchor podcast and have it automatically download to your Pod Catcher App. To do so, you need to know the RSS Feed reference for that station. The RSS reference (ie. Really Simple Syndication) is the unique reference created by Anchor for each broadcaster's Podcast. For example, this is the Anchor RSS URL for the Avie Uniglicht-Tech Podcast: "" . The numbers in bold represent the variable that you will change for each unique Anchor station. The following tECH tALK tIP explains the step by step approach to grabbing anyone's Anchor RSS feed.

Sharing Episodes Outside Of Anchor On Social Media, Blogs and Websites

Just just how do you share a saved episode outside of your Anchor station?  Listen below and hopefully you will be one step closer to becoming an Anchor Ninja!

Learn the important difference between sharing an individual audio clip before it is part of a saved episode and an episode itself.

You will also learn how to share episodes from your station and from other stations on Anchor and how to copy and paste the HTML embed code for your episode to post to your website or blog.  FYI - the embed code below was used to generate the Anchor player below that will play this episode here at - don't worry you don't have to become a computer programmer - just copy and paste into the HTML section of your blog or website post or page

 // <iframe src="" height="270px" width="400px" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> /

Let me know if you have any follow up questions with a comment to this post or with a Call in to my Anchor station - Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan (

How To Get More Subscribers for Your Anchor Podcast

How to Get More Subscribers for Your Anchor Podcast

In this episode, learn how to find your Anchor Podcast RSS feed and use it to get more subscribers for your show. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Let's Stay Connected On Twitter @AnchorBootCamps

You can also follow all the training blog entries from
Anchor Boot Camps on Twitter @AnchorBootCamps
Let's follow each other to stay connected!

Sidekick Workflow Using Creative Contributors, Drop Box And Web Clipper

You don't have to do everything yourself.  What if you had a creative prolific Sidekick?  Well I am thankful I do - it's my brother Dave Davidson (Anchor Station - Surge UP). 

Dave is now a regular creative contributor to Anchor Talk With Dr. Dan and records 1-3 minute audio segments on different topics.  He then drops them into a Drop Box folder we share and they magically appear on my computer!  Next I record an intro to the content in my Anchor app and then upload his content with Web Clipper at, This process has added new fresh content to my station and has energized me creatively. 

It's like Christmas morning when I check my Drop box folder each day and Dave has uploaded some new seasonal and evergreen content ready to publish.  You can listen to my podcast episode below where I describe what I now call my Sidekick Workflow!

Contact me with any ideas or feedback with a Call-in to my station - Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan -

The Importance of Formatting Your Podcast Episode Descriptions

How to Edit Your Podcast Episode Descriptions on the Anchor App

It's good to know that when you add links to the descriptions of your episodes they will be clickable in most podcast apps. 

Here is an example of the text I copied from my notes app and added to the description for this video:
(note: the phone number will open in a new window and place the call from your phone.)

Learn more and connect with Ms. Ileane
215 703 8316
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Friday, November 24, 2017

Record With Friends Interview Tutorial From

Here is an overview of the new Record With Friends feature from the Anchor support team (

As of Anchor 2.15 (released on 10/26/17 for both iOS and Android), we now support group recording through the Anchor mobile app!  It's called Record With Friends and it's the easiest way - ever - for multiple people to record audio.

Here's how it works:
From the main recording screen in Anchor (tap the red button anywhere in the app to launch this screen), just tap the button that says "Invite friends to record with you." You can invite anyone you know to join:
  • If the friends you want to record with are already on Anchor, just select them from your list of friends (we're currently defining friends as people who have favorited you on Anchor) and we'll send each of them an invitation to join. You can invite as many people as you want; up to 8 people can record together at once. 
Record_with_Friends_.png  Invite_Anchor_Friend.png
  • If you want to invite people who aren't yet on Anchor, send them an SMS invite from the next screen. They'll need to download the app, but if they follow your invite link we'll take them straight to the recording and they can join without needing to create an account. 

    Call_Non_Anchor_Friends.png  When_you_Dial_in.png 
Currently, telephone mode is not supported in group recording; the host and guests all hear the conversation and record through either speaker mode or headphones.
After recording, we'll process your audio (this can take a few minutes if it was a long recording; if so, you can leave the app while it's processing and we'll notify you when it's done). Once it's ready, you can either publish it straight to your station or you can email yourself the audio file to edit it first or upload it wherever you want.
When you publish your group recording to Anchor, we'll let all your guests know that it's live.
Record With Friends Features:
  • Super high quality group recording: no matter how many people are on the recording, it'll sound just as good as if you were recording on your own.
  • Invite lots of friends: up to 8 people can be on a recording at once!
  • Record remotely with anyone in the world: wherever your friends are, they can join your recording in seconds. No limitations!
Having trouble connecting? Here are a few troubleshooting tips:
  • Be sure you're connected to reliable Wifi or LTE when using this feature to ensure the best quality for your recording
  • Make sure that everyone on the recording has the latest version of Anchor installed
  • Confirm in advance that you and all your friends on the call are in a quiet space when recording to avoid any additional background noise
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at :)
Looking for Anchor Interviews? We've replaced it with Record With Friends, which is a much more powerful way to record remotely. Give it a try and let us know if you need any help!

How To Save Your First Episode On Anchor

This is a quick overview for Newbies on How To Save An Episode in the Anchor app.  You will learn what the difference is between an episode and your station and the basic options to create a podcast after you have created your first episode.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this topic with a Call-In at (@Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan)

Anchor Stats - Tracking Your Segment Listens

Understanding Your Listens on the Anchor App

In this video you'll see where to find the stats for each of your Anchor segments. You'll also learn how to use the information to provide valuable information for your listeners based on how they engage with your content.

Topics covered in this Anchor Stats demo:

  • Importance of Applause and comments 
  • Listens can sometimes happen by mistake
  • In app listeners versus web listeners
  • How to get more web listeners
  • Notifications for applause and comments
  • How listens accumulate on segments shared from your archives aka "Echos"
  • Difference in listens count that appears in your archive
  • Active station listens versus archive listens 

You can listen to the episode here:
If you have any questions, be sure to Call-in at 

Daily Beginner's Guide To Anchor - 5 Part Series by Ask Avie

The Daily Beginner's Guides to Anchor are presented in 5 Episodes designed to introduce you to the application starting from being a Listener, to becoming a Broadcaster, to more advanced tips to make you a Pro in no-time flat. Each day is comprised of individual segments which build upon each other. Initially, these were all created in March, 2017 when Anchor v2.0 was released.

Many changes and additions to the Anchor App have been made, yet suprisingly, the fundamentals have remained quite consistent. As Anchor has changed, we have provided new tips and tricks to augment these guides. Many new Anchor users have "graduated" through these primers and have quickly become accustomed to using the App. If you have follow-up questions or need additional assistance anytime, please reachout to me on Anchor at

Listen to your Daily Beginners guide to Anchor - Day 1:
Listen to your Daily Beginners guide to Anchor - Day 2:
Listen to your Daily Beginners guide to Anchor - Day 3:
Listen to your Daily Beginners guide to Anchor - Day 4:
Listen to your Daily Beginners guide to Anchor - Day 5:

Facebook Groups To Help You Master The Anchor App & Connect With The Community

Here are links to three Facebook Groups that can help you master the Anchor App! These are all member-driven closed groups where you can learn, meet new friends, ask questions and even post and promote your own content.  Just ask to join any of the groups and you will be welcomed in.

Anchor Boot Camps - The companion Facebook Group to this website and blog.  Share any questions or ideas you have about the Anchor app.  Blog posts from this site will be published in this group.

AnchorsAwave - The original Anchor Tech Facebook Group by Avie Uniglicht.  This group is great for general Anchor discussions and tips moderated by Avie (@AskAvie) and for advanced techies and geeks!

Anchor Voices - Where you can post, publish & promote your Anchor content.  Your content will be considered for the upcoming Anchor Voices book project - moderated by Dr. Dan Davidson @AnchorTalk

Welcome To!

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of the awesome Anchor app platform, we hope you may learn and benefit from the new resource site.

Anchor Boot Camps has been created and designed by three avid Anchor fans and creators - Avie Uniglicht, Ileane Smith and Dan Davidson. To say that we all absolutely love the Anchor app would be an understatement!  We all have passion to share what we have learned to help others master the Anchor platform and leverage it to maximize and multiply your message.

This site and the information we provide is a grassroots member-driven project.  We are not officially part of  Please also connect with Anchor's support site at

We collectively post our current and past Anchor tips, tricks and tutorials about everything Anchor! You can check out our individual Anchor stations below.

 Avie Uniglicht (Avie's Tech Talk Tips) -

 Ileane Smith (Ileane) -

 Dan Davidson - (Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan) -

Let's Keep Learning and Sharing Together!

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