Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Make A Request Feature On Anchor - A Great Way To Encourage!

Here is a short overview on how to use the "Make A Request" feature in the Anchor audio app.

When you record an audio clip in the app it stays live in your station for 24 hours.  When you visit a station and there has not been any new audio clips recorded or submitted in the last 24 hours then the station includes a small icon that says "Station Is Off Air."

You will also see a "Make A Request" button option in the middle of the display. Click on it to create a notification to the member that you are requesting new content.  You have the option of leaving a comment or not.  It's nice to leave a comment such as "I look forward to hearing more of your Anchor voice!"

After you hit "Done" the request is delivered.  The next time a member goes into the app your request will be included in the notifications screen and actually as a message when they first open the app.  It's a great way to stay connected and encourage other members.

Below is a short audio overview saved as a podcast episode.  It includes a Call In from Dustin who I sent a request to.  I noticed he was a new member who hadn't created an audio post yet and I wanted to connect. I also added in my comment "Please call in to me when you publish."    I did a brief Call-in to him welcoming him to Anchor.  I also used the My "Make A Request" feature which was actually the nudge that Dustin needed to record and publish his first Anchor clip.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions with a comment to this post or with a Call in to my Anchor station - Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan Davidson (

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  1. Hey Dr. Dan. I love this suggestion. I usually write out a nice message in my Notes app. Then I copy it an send it to a few people - however, I will customize it by adding their name before I paste and send the request. It works!


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