Friday, February 23, 2018

Anchor 3.0 - Recording Directly Into The Web Desktop Dashboard

Enjoy this new tutorial about Recording Directly Into The Web Desktop Dashboard - I have included the Episode text description and the embedding podcast episode from @AnchorTalk Podcast With Dr. Dan.

 Login at to the Web Dashboard / Click on "New Episodes" / Click Record on the left. Record with a USB computer mic or click on the link to record on your mobile - you will receive a notification on your phone - click it and record segment - the recording magically appears on your desktop / Update the description of the segment (defaults to the current date) / Select the + sign to add it to the episode builder / Record other segments or add from Voice messages, upload from your computer, transitions or retrieve from your history - Select Save Episode / Type in the Episode Name and Description / You have the option to upload an episode specific custom image / Publish Episode or click on "Advanced Publish Settings" to save Just on Anchor or "Everywhere" (pushing it to a podcast) / Click on the drop down arrow at the very bottom for two more options - "Save As Draft" or "Schedule Later" / then Publish Episode - Please Call-In with your questions and feedback @AnchorTalk - Dr Dan.

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