Friday, December 1, 2017

Anchor Dial Basics - People Tab And Popular Tab (Leaderboard)

Learn all about the Anchor Dial! In your Anchor app click on the house icon at the bottom left to go to your Anchor Dial.  It starts on your station! Swipe to the left and the next stations will appear in a carousel fashion.  These are the 50 most recent stations (favorited by you) who have published audio in order of time.

You will learn that the Anchor Dial is synced and actually mirrors the People Tab.  Remember though that the Anchor Dial only holds the 50 most recent stations.  To find other stations who have created content in the last 24 hours you will need to go to the People Tab.

The Anchor Dial is also where you access the Popular and Recent Tabs.  Once you are in the Anchor dial area click on the crooked arrow in the top right to check the Popular leaderboard and the Recent Tab.  In the Android app you may also have a Podcast tab.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions with a comment to this post or with a Call in to my Anchor station - Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan Davidson (

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