Sunday, December 3, 2017

Top 50 Anchor Tips & Features Newbies Need To Know!

We love to welcome new members to Anchor - here is the Welcome Episode to the Top 50 Anchor Tips & Features Newbies Need To Know!

I will be recording and creating the top 50 Tips in the next week and they will be indexed with labels on the right margin also in this blog. Each tip will be it's own 5 minute or less audio segment and episode. I plan to be concise with an introduction and overview of each topic. You can check under the embedded audio below to see the entire future list (in the making) that will have direct links when I am finished.  This is going to be fun!

Let me know if you have any follow up questions with a comment to this post or with a Call in to my Anchor station - Anchor Talk - Dr. Dan Davidson (

Here is the list of the Top 50 Anchor Tips For Newbies
(To be recorded - in the making)

Welcome (Audio Above)
Recording Basics
Anchor Dial
Web Clipper
24 Hour Station
Make A Request
Echo Content
Share Outside
External Mics
Background Tracks
Music Tracks
Record With Friends
People Tab
Recent Tab
Popular Tab
Daily Digest
Podcast Basics
RSS Feed
Episodes & Podcasts
Apple & Google Play
Other Podcast Directories
Podcast Import
Web Station
Facebook & Twitter
Download Audio
Archive Republish
Drop Box
Anchor Videos
Trimming Segments
Creator's Lab
Social Station
Character Numbers
Multiple Accounts
Repurpose Content
Multiply Messaging
Help & Support

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